What does Quality Mean to YOU, Our Customer?

Our customers tell us that when they buy our products, they do so in full confidence that they are getting a reliable product and/or service, something that meets or even exceeds their performance expectations at any time. This is what they have come to appreciate and expect from us, and is a value we strive to uphold at all times.

How can we best uphold this trust in the quality of our products? We have taken care to implement certifications for all quality management systems relevant in our business of high quality diagnostic products and services. More than a phrase we market, “quality management” is about taking the necessary steps – benchmarking and continuous improvements – towards achieving EN ISO 9001, the industry standard and technical basis for quality management.

Using the pyramid as an ideal for building upon standards, ISO 9001 sets the base for a graphical three-tier quality management pyramid. Sandwiched between this and the apex is ISO 17025, the standard implemented in all our analytical services labs worldwide. This lays down the technical requirements of a testing laboratory and details how analytical service labs should be managed to guarantee high quality, internationally comparable results by using state-of the art methods.

All this is much more than simply clinching certifications for our global entities and research facilities. Whether in our manufacturing processes or in the services we provide, this is the value we attach to all our undertakings. Because acting on such values translates to the best possible quality experience for our customers.

Please find below a list of all implemented standards and links to the respective certificates.

Standard Countries Title / Description
ISO 9001 
ISO 9001 logo

Holding Austria (Tulln)
Holding Austria (Getzersdorf)

Diagnostic Austria (Tulln)
Diagnostic Austria (Getzersdorf)
USA (Newark)
USA (Union)
United Kingdom

Quality management systems (process standard)
Standard Countries Title / Description
ISO 14001 
ISO 14001 logo

Holding Austria (Tulln)
Holding Austria (Getzersdorf)

Austria (Tulln)
Austria (Getzersdorf)
Environmental Management Systems
Standard Countries Title / Description
ISO 17025 
United Kingdom
USA (Union)
General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
Standard Countries Title / Description
ISO 17034
  Austria General requirements for the competence of reference material producers
Standard Countries Title / Description
Standard Countries Title / Description
GMP+ B11
gmp+ fsm logo



USA (Union)

Standards for feed safety throughout production and supply chain
Sedex logo                                                                                         

Diagnostic Austria
Holding Austria

 Supplier Ethical
Data Exchange /
supply chains
Standard Countries Title / Description
CO2 neutral
CO2 neutral logo Austria CO2 neutral organization that applies carbon neutrality to all processes, employee activities and facilities
Standard Countries Title / Description
Austria Carbon neutral company