AgraStrip® Pro WATEX®
Fast and simple mycotoxin testing

The AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test system enables the rapid and simple on-site quantification of mycotoxins in a variety of agricultural commodities. Both extraction and assay have been streamlined, reducing steps to a bare minimum while setting new standards in accuracy and usability.

AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test kits are lateral flow devices for the rapid, on-site detection of mycotoxins in a variety of agricultural commodities.

Strips are available for total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), deoxynivalenol, ochratoxin A, zearalenone, total fumonisins (B1, B2, B3), and T-2/HT-2 toxins.

With the newly developed AgraVision™ Pro reader, the system features a shared extraction and dilution procedure and an intuitive walk-away operation to allow simple testing for several different mycotoxins in less than 10 minutes while helping to eliminate common handling errors.

The system can independently and simultaneously test up to 4 samples. The assay takes only 4 minutes, and the reader controls timing, temperature and flow, all in a streamlined procedure. With its integrated incubator and resistance to dust and dirt, the reader secures precise and quantitative results and allows consistent documentation.

Our proprietary water-based extraction eliminates hazards both to the user and the environment.

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Features and Benefits


  • Rapid - Up your grain intake with quick sample preparation, a 4-minute assay time and the capacity to test 4 samples at once on-site.

  • Simple - Eliminate errors with a common extraction/dilution and an intuitive, walk-away operation. No sophisticated training process required. The water-based extraction means no handling or disposal of organic solvents.

  • Robust - Precise results in the toughest of conditions thanks to the integrated incubator and resistance to dust and dirt.

  • Connected - Stay on top of your data with blockchain-enabled test strips. Automatically collect your data with the Romer Labs Data Manager. Transfer it to a PC, export it to LIMS or print it out.

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