AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® | Fast, simple mycotoxin testing

AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test kits are lateral flow devices for the rapid, on-site detection of mycotoxins in a variety of agricultural commodities

Strips are available for total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2), deoxynivalenol, zearalenonetotal fumonisin (B1, B2, B3), ochratoxin A, and T-2/HT-2.

With the newly developed AgraVision™ Pro reader, the system features a shared extraction and dilution procedure and an intuitive walk-away operation to allow simple testing for several different mycotoxins in less than 10 minutes while helping to eliminate common handling errors

The system can independently and simultaneously test up to 4 samples. The assay takes only 4 minutes, and the reader controls timing, temperature and flow, all in a streamlined procedure. With its integrated incubator and resistance to dust and dirt, the reader secures precise and quantitative results and allows consistent documentation

Our proprietary water-based extraction eliminates hazards both to the user and the environment. 

AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test kits come complete with strips, strip cartridges, microcentrifuge tubes and a holder, a dilution buffer, extraction buffer bags, pipette tips and Whirl-Pak® filter bags. 

Features and Benefits

Rapid: Up your grain intake with quick sample preparation, a 4-minute assay time and the capacity to test 4 samples at once on-site. 

Simple: Eliminate errors with a common extraction/dilution and an intuitive, walk-away operation. No sophisticated training process required. The water-based extraction also means no handling or disposal of organic solvents. 

Robust: Get precise, reliable results in even the toughest of conditions thanks to the integrated incubator and resistance to dust and dirt. 

Connected: Stay on top of your data with blockchain-enabled test strips. Transfer your data to your PC or print it with ease. 

Outstanding Support: You’re not alone. Whether it’s for validations, questions or custom solutions, our experts are there, whenever you need them. 

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Item No. Product Quantitation Range Limit of Detection Description
AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® / AgraVision™ Pro
10006322 AgraStrip® Pro Total Aflatoxin WATEX® 0 – 460 ppb 2/1 ppb* 40 tests
10006320 AgraStrip® Pro Deoxynivalenol WATEX® 0 – 44 ppm 0.1 ppm 40 tests
10006318 AgraStrip® Pro Total Fumonisin WATEX® 0 – 44 ppm 0.1 ppm 40 tests
10006316 AgraStrip® Pro Zearalenone WATEX® 0 – 1650 ppb 25 ppb 40 tests
10006332 AgraStrip® Pro Ochratoxin A WATEX® 0 -100 ppb 0.5 ppb 40 tests
10006614 AgraStrip® Pro T-2/HT-2 WATEX® 0 -1000 ppb 15 ppb 40 tests
10006324 AgraVision™ Pro Reader n/a n/a Reader
10006483 AgraVision™ Pro Printer n/a n/a Printer
10006484 AgraVision™ Pro Scanner n/a n/a Scanner

* High-sensitive method for aflatoxin available