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AgraStrip® Pro Allergens – AgraVision™ Pro Application | Instructions Video

Discover the AgraStrip® Pro Allergen application on the AgraVision™ Pro Reader – your solution to the most reliable, efficient, and connected allergen testing process yet. Detect allergens on-site within 11 minutes with our streamlined procedure, designed to minimize handling and reduce contamination possibility.

Key Features of the AgraVision™ Pro Application

  • Objective & Consistent Results: Eliminate the uncertainty in strip result readings and diminish analyst-related variability. Strips incubated at higher temperatures mitigate environmental influences.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Embrace efficiency with automated timing for the second incubation, precise results at 5 minutes, and the capability to run 4 tests simultaneously.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Future-proof your data management with blockchain-enabled strips and the comprehensive Romer Labs Data Manager for seamless data collection and reporting.

Transform your allergen testing with AgraStrip® Pro and AgraVision™ Pro. Set new standards in reliability and data management and join us in redefining the future of food safety.

Watch our video and Contact Us for more information.

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Food Allergens