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Spot On: Mycotoxins | What Do You Expect from a Rapid Testing Solution?

The grain wrangler. The artisan tester. The mycotoxin cop. The animal guardian.

What kind of mycotoxin tester are you? How does that influence what you expect of a rapid testing solution?

While those testing for mycotoxins at raw material reception tend to look for solutions that offer a quick time-to-result, others performing quality control for highly refined products may emphasize the need for precision and scalability

In this issue of Spot On, we look closely at four common mycotoxin testing roles and the unique challenges they address using rapid testing solutions. Also: two of our scientists give some practical tips on sample preparation to help improve your results.

In this issue:

  • The 4 types of mycotoxin testers and what they expect from a rapid solution
  • The effects of particle size on mycotoxin testing results
  • The interplay of particle size and sample size

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