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Spot On: Climate Change and Mycotoxins: Adjusting to New Extremes

Prolonged dry periods, tropical storms of unusual strength, more frequent flooding: these are just some examples of extreme weather conditions that harm crops all around the world.
Many mycotoxin-producing molds can thrive as a result of such extreme conditions; this only underscores the need for mycotoxin testing in reaction to a changing climate. The speed with which a silo manager, for example, gets accurate information about mycotoxin contamination can mean the difference between profit and loss.
This issue of Spot On is dedicated to innovations in on-site mycotoxin detection solutions that include and go beyond test kits.
Also in this issue:

  • Integrated mycotoxin management with MyToolBox
  • Drought and increased aflatoxin levels
  • Flooding and fumonisins

Enjoy this issue of Spot On.

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