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Spot On: How GMO-free is “GMO-free”? Decoding Global Regulations

Regions and countries often define "GMO" differently. A shipment of grain designated as "GMO-free" and cleared for entry in one country might be refused entry in another. Such variations in regulation have far-reaching consequences for producers and traders of food and feed looking to maximize efficiency.

So what do we mean when we say that something is "GMO-free"? It's a simple question that leads to complex answers with ramifications in production, traceability and labeling practices. In this issue of Spot On, our experts provide some tips on how to decode this shifting regulatory landscape.

In this issue of Spot On:

  • Examples of differing labeling laws
  • Product-based and process-based definitions of GMOs
  • 4 crucial questions for GMO testing
  • New labeling regulations in the USA

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