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New Application for AgraStrip® Pro Allergen Test Kits on the AgraVision™ Pro System

We are excited to introduce an upgrade to the AgraStrip® Pro Allergen test kits, with the new application on the AgraVision™ Pro System. This technical enhancement is designed to augment precision, efficiency, and data management in allergen testing.

Enhanced Features and Benefits:

Objective and Consistent Results - The application on the AgraVision™ system eliminates the uncertainty in strip result readings and diminish analyst-related variability. Furthermore, strips incubated at an elevated temperature mitigate environmental influences.

Simple and More Efficient Workflow - The reader times the 2nd incubation automatically, ensuring results are read at the exact 5-minute mark. You can run up to 4 tests concurrently.

Connectivity and Data Management - Stay on top of your data with blockchain-enabled test strips. Seamlessly collect, document, and manage data with Romer Labs Data Manager. Transfer this data to a PC, export to LIMS, or print out a report.

Inherent Product Attributes:

The new application is built upon the foundational features of the AgraStrip® Pro Allergen test kits:

  • Highly specific and sensitive - Achieve precise and accurate results at low cut-off levels.
  • Easy and simple procedure - Minimize handling and reduce contamination risks without requiring intensive training.
  • Ready-to-use components - Bypass additional equipment or preparation, streamlining your workflow and conserving both time and resources.
  • Fast results on site – 11 minutes including extraction - Obtain insights in just 11 minutes, inclusive of extraction, expediting your decision-making process.
  • Suitable for on-site testing - Benefit from the flexibility to test outside traditional lab environments, enhancing your testing versatility.
  • Storage at room temperature - Reduce shipping costs associated with temperature-controlled items and minimize downtime, as there‘s no waiting for kits to warm up. Additionally, you’ll save on refrigeration space.

This update aligns with our commitment to delivering advanced, practical solutions for enhanced allergen testing precision, speed, and data management.

For further technical details, contact our team or download the product inlay.

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