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Keys for Allergen Analysis and Cleaning Validation

Food allergens, mainly proteins, can trigger immune reactions involving IgE-mediated responses. In some cases, these responses are potentially lethal. This further emphasizes the importance of identifying and managing allergens to ensure the food safety of allergic individuals.

Join our Spanish on-demand webinar where we delve into the validation of cleaning programs for allergens and strategies to ensure their efficacy in food processing. Carolina Motto, a leading expert in allergen management, and Martin Candia, Product Manager at Romer Labs, will draw from their extensive experience working with food processors globally, with a special focus on Latin America.

We explore how the latest technologies for detecting and analyzing traces of allergens are revolutionizing this process, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

What will you learn?

  • Identification of validation needs for cleaning programs.
  • Detailed methodology for designing validation protocols using the worst-case scenario approach.
  • Execution of validation protocols following a comprehensive roadmap.
  • Selection of sampling plans and appropriate analysis methods tailored to your process and product.
  • Establishment of objective decision rules to guide data-driven decisions and safeguard allergic consumers' health.
  • Design of cleaning effectiveness verification routines tailored to your production site.
  • The impact of new detection technologies on allergen analysis and their role in validation and verification processes.

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Food Allergens

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