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Mycotoxins: The Silent Enemy

Imagine facing an invisible enemy, one that emits no odor, makes no noise, and cannot be easily seen. You cannot touch it or taste it, but its effects can be devastating.

These organisms, fungi, have stealthily traversed our planet for millennia, going unnoticed. Until recently, when we discovered their harmful effects on the food chain, both for animals and humans.

With decades of accumulated experience, fungi have proven to be true masters of resistance.

Despite our efforts to eradicate them, their mycotoxins persist stubbornly. For this reason, it is crucial not only to eliminate them but also to prevent their initial formation and growth. Anticipating their movements is essential, thoroughly understanding the risk when receiving new raw materials, and perfecting the handling of those already stored.

What will you learn?

To delve deeper into this topic, in the upcoming webinar "Mycotoxins: The Silent Enemy," Antonio J. Ramos will share his experience and knowledge with us. He will provide the keys to identifying these intruders, understanding their behavior, as well as their presence and concentration in different environments. Additionally, he will guide us in determining which beings are more susceptible and will analyze the legal implications in the European context.

08:00 am in San José, Costa Rica
09:00 am in Bogotá, Colombia
11:00 am in Buenos Aires, Argentina
4:00 pm in Madrid, Spain

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