Fully Accredited Food Allergen Testing

Romer Labs® operates an ISO 17025Initiates file download accredited and ISO 9001Initiates file download certified service laboratory in Tulln, Austria.

The laboratory offers a broad testing range for a variety of food allergens in various raw materials and finished food samples as well as rinse waters and environmental swabs using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. 

Sampling and turn-around time

Analytical results refer strictly to the submitted sample. The extent to which the sample is representative depends on the sampling procedure which is of crucial importance.

Samples submitted for food allergen analyses should be between 250 to 500 g.

The maximum turn-around time is 3 working days*. Express analysis within 24 hours is offered upon request, at additional charges.

*Maximum turn-around time for lactose is 5 working days. 

Sample submission

To submit a sample, please use the following forms.

submission forms



Analytical Service


Analytical Services

Romer Labs Diagnostics offers the following food allergen analyses:

Item No. Analysis Method Limit of Detection Accr.*
Food Allergen Analyzes 
30001037 ß-Lactoglobulin ELISA 1.5 µg/kg x
30001024 Casein ELISA 0.04 mg/kg x
30001049 Cashew ELISA 0.2 mg/kg  
30001047 Egg ELISA 0.5 mg/kg x
30001015 Egg White ELISA 0.05 mg/kg x
30001029 Peanut ELISA 0.1 mg/kg x
30001019 Gluten ELISA 0.6 mg/kg x
30001022 Gluten with G12 Antibody ELISA 2 mg/kg x
30001033 Hazelnut ELISA 0.3 mg/kg x
30001041 Lupin ELISA 0.2 mg/kg  
30001035 Almond ELISA 0.2 mg/kg x
30001017 Milk ELISA 0.05 mg/kg x
30001023 Pistachio ELISA 0.13 mg/kg x
30001040 Mustard ELISA 1 mg/kg x
30001043 Sesame ELISA 0.2 mg/kg x
30001027 Soy ELISA 16 µg/kg x
30001031 Walnut ELISA 0.35 mg/kg x
30001045 Fish ELISA 1.4 mg/kg  
30001046 Crustacea ELISA 0.9 µg/kg  
30000807 Lactose HPLC 0.01 g/100g x
30001091 Macadamia ELISA 1 mg/kg  

*Accredited according to ISO 17025 - full scope of accreditation available on request

Complaint Management

There is a well-established and documented procedure for handling complaints and work that do not conform to the applicable norm within Romer Labs. A database is used to document all complaints (deriving both from internal and external sources). There, the responsibilities for root cause analyses and corrective or preventive measures are also defined and the communication process to the customer is clearly established. Among other things, the complaint procedure – in the context of our program for addressing risks and opportunities – serves as a starting point for the continual improvement of our products, processes and service.



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