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AgraStrip® Pro Zearalenone WATEX®

Mycotoxins Zearalenone LFD Quantitative


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Description & Properties

The AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test system enables the rapid and simple on-site quantification of mycotoxins in a variety of agricultural commodities. Both extraction and assay have been streamlined, reducing steps to a bare minimum while setting new standards in accuracy and usability. The test kits are available in a quantitative format and are used with the AgraVisionTM Pro reader, to provide objective results and secure a consistent results documentation.
Quantitation range0 - 1650 ppb
Limit of detection25 ppb
Limit of quantitation40 ppb
Result typeQuantitative
Product/EnvironmentProduct Testing


Materials supplied

  • 1 tube containing 40 AgraStrip® Pro Zearaleone strips
  • 1 bag containing 40 AgraStrip® Pro cartridges
  • 1 foil bag containing 40 AgraStrip® WATEX® extraction buffer bags
  • 1 bottle of 50 ml AgraStrip® Pro Zearalenone® dilution buffer
  • 2 bags of 40 yellow or white pipette tips
  • 1 bag of 40 blue pipette tips
  • 1 bag of 40 microcentrifuge tubes (dilution tubes)
  • 4 rolls of each 10 pieces of filter Whirl-Pak® bags
  • 1 QR code card for the AgraVisionTM Pro reader
  • 1 tube holder

Materials required but not supplied

  • balance - 400g
  • graduated cylinder: 100 mL
  • distilled or de-ionized or bottled water for extraction
  • timer
  • AgraVisionTM Pro reader
  • microcentrifuge
  • single channel pipettes capable of pipetting up to 1000 µL or
  • fixed 100 µL pipette
  • fixed 1000 µL pipette

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