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AgraVisionTM Pro Cartridge

Supplies Qualitative Quantitative Semi-Quantitative

Limited availability

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Description & Properties

AgraVisionTM Pro Cartridges are consumables designed for use with the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® mycotoxin test kits, as well as the AgraStrip® Pro GMO and AgraStrip® Pro Allergen tests, when utilized with the AgraVisionTM Pro Reader. While cartridges are included in the standard package of the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® mycotoxin kits, those for the GMO and Allergen kits, intended for use with the AgraVisionTM Pro reader, must be purchased separately. Cartridges are for single use only.
Storage Temperature2°C - 25°C
Result typeQualitative, Quantitative, Semi-Quantitative
Product/EnvironmentEnvironmental Monitoring, Product Testing