SH-Listeria Nextday Environmental Sampling System

RapidChek®Listeria Nextday Environmental Sampling System

Microbiology Bacterias patógenas LFD Cualitativo

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Grouped product items
Article numberAutorizacionesNúmero de pruebasNotasEmbalajeStatus
10001418 (7000257)AOAC5
5 strips, pipettes, tubes, and samplers
10001464 (7200001)AOAC100
100 samplers, no strips
10001693 (7000171-7200001)AOAC4545 strips, pipettes, tubes, samplers, and rack
10007025 (7000182-7200001)AOAC495
495 strips, 500 pipettes, 500 tubes, and 500 samplers
Limited availability

Description & Properties

The RapidChek®Listeria NextDay™ test system is one of the first testing systems for all Listeria strains which is AOAC approved. The proprietary enrichment media needs no additional supplements to offer next day test results. Time to result: 24 - 48 hours (depending on the analyzed sample). Environmental sampling system includes Pur-Blue DUO™ sampling devices with pre-made RapidChek ®Listeria NextDay™ media.
MicrobiologíaBacterias patógenas
Temperatura de almacenamiento15°C - 25°C
Tipo de resultadoCualitativo
Producto/Medio ambienteMonitoreo Ambiental, Pruebas de Producto


Materials supplied in the standard product

  • sampling devices with pre-made media
  • strips
  • pipettes
  • tubes

Materials required but not supplied

  • incubator
  • heat block


10001418 (7000257):
10001693 (7000171-7200001):
10007025 (7000182-7200001):

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