SH-Listeria Strips

RapidChek®Listeria Strips

Microbiology Bacterias patógenas LFD Cualitativo

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Grouped product items
Article numberAutorizacionesFormatoNúmero de pruebasNotasEmbalajeStatus
10001361 (7000171)AOACstrips45
standard kit - 45 strips, pipettes, and tubes
10001372 (7000182)AOACstrips450450 strips
10001412 (7000246)AOACcombs384384 tests, cluster tubes, rack
Limited availability

Description & Properties

The RapidChek®Listeria test strips can be used with RapidChek®Listeria NextDay media (for 24 - 40h time to result) or RapidChek®Listeria media system (for 40 - 48h time to result). Strips are available as single tests or comb format (8 tests per comb).
MicrobiologíaBacterias patógenas
Temperatura de almacenamiento15°C - 25°C
Tipo de resultadoCualitativo
Producto/Medio ambienteMonitoreo Ambiental, Pruebas de Producto


Materials supplied in the standard product

  • strips
  • pipettes
  • tubes

Materials required but not supplied

  • media
  • sample bags
  • incubator
  • heat block

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