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We know that finding the right product information can be a daunting task, which is why we've made it easy for you to access all the important documents you need in one convenient location.

Whether you're looking for Material Safety Data Sheets, Manuals or any other product-related document or software, you can find it here. Simply enter the item number and hit submit to retrieve available documents for your product.

If you also need a Certificate of Analysis, don't forget to include your product batch number or serial number. The country information will allow us to retrieve language-specific documents if available.


For all RapidChek® products, please enter the item and lot numbers of the individual components (strips, media) as stated on the respective label.

For all AgraStrip® TraitChek GMO test kits, please use this list to match the item number written on the product label to its corresponding test strip item number to obtain all relevant product documents.


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