Close to 80% of the world`s soybean production is achieved with genetically modified soy and over 30% in the case of maize. The worldwide cultivation of GM plants increases every year by millions of hectares, resulting in the increasing need for tests to detect these traits. Other analytes such as residues, melamine and meat and bone meal make headlines from time to time and also require testing.

To address this issues, Romer Labs provides an extensive portfolio of test kits and analytical services. A complete overview can be found below.

Woman in a supermarket checking for potential allergens

Romer Labs offers an extensive portfolio of analytical services and test kits for a fast, simple and sensitive GMO detection in corn, soybean, canola, cotton, sugarbeet, alfalfa and rice.

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Romer Labs offers a simple, highly sensitive lateral flow test for the detection of meat and bone meal (MBM) in animal feeds. The test kit detects prohibited or regulated mammalian-derived MBM in cattle feed.

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