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Job clip - Managing Director Europe

Klaus talks about being a Managing Director at Romer Labs.


Videos Topics

Job clip - Sales Manager

Annette talks about being a Sales Manager at Romer Labs.


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[Infographic] The 8 Sources of GMO Contamination

How can we assure that non-GMO is really non-GMO?
Prevention goes well beyond planting non-GMO seeds as contamination can occur at 8 major points within the...


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Romer Labs launches water-based fumonisins test kit

Romer Labs expands its recently launched AgraStrip® WATEX product line with the introduction of AgraStrip® Total FUM WATEX - a water-based fumonisins test kit.



[Interview] Driving innovation in food safety around the world - Michael Prinster

Michael Prinster is the CEO of Romer Labs in Newark, Delaware and spoke with citybizlist publisher Edwin Warfield about Romer Labs and innovation in food safety...


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Catalog 2017

Check out our new Romer Labs catalog!


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[Webinar] Allergen testing and risk management within food manufacturing

Managing allergens remains a substantial task that is of utmost importance to ensure consumer trust is maintained. In this webinar, hosted by New Food, Adrian...


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Spot On #3: Preventing False-Positive Results in Pathogen Testing

Costly and tedious to follow up on, false-positive results in pathogen detection can nonetheless be minimized.


News Press Releases Mycotoxins GMO

Romer Labs launches extended line of water-based mycotoxin test kits

Do you care for speed, simplicity and reliability in mycotoxin testing? If yes, you might want to have a closer look at AgraStrip® WATEX - an extended line of...


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Video RapidChek® Listeria Test Comb Procedure

The RapidChek® Listeria Comb System offers high throughput advantages as it speeds up the whole testing procedure.