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[Infographic] The 7 Sins of GMO Testing

With the use of GM crops increasing around the world, the challenges facing the analysis industry are many. Here are 7 common errors when testing GMOs in your...


Articles Food Allergens

6 Common Myths about Food Allergen Testing

Ask anyone with a food allergy and they will tell you the same thing: there’s not much that’s simple about a quick trip to the grocery store. They have to check...


Magazines Mycotoxins

Spot On: The Tools You Need to Manage Mycotoxins

Can you manage what you don't measure? In this issue of Spot On we will help you make some sense of the variety of mycotoxin detection tools so that you can...


Articles Mycotoxins

Managing the Unknown? Mycotoxin Risk Assessment in Feed Production

Traders and producers of raw materials and others in the feed industry now have a wide array of options and solutions at their disposal to measure mycotoxin...



ERBER Group is one of the best workplaces in Austria

Getzersdorf - For the first time ERBER Group in Austria with its subsidiaries BIOMIN, ROMER LABS and BIO-FERM took part in the competition for the title...


Events Analytical Service

Indo Livestock 2018 - Jakarta

13th Indonesia's no.1 Livestock, Feed, Dairy and Fisheries Industry Show

July 4-6| Jakarta (Indonesia)


Events Food Allergens Food Pathogens

Propak Asia 2018 - Bangkok

The 26th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia

June 13 -16 | Bangkok (Thailand)


Articles Food Allergens

Food Allergen Testing - Facts vs. Fiction (6)

Analysts all over the world need to ask themselves one essential question: Is my test result correct? In most cases, the answer is given by a reference method...


Articles Food Allergens

Food Allergen Testing - Facts vs. Fiction (1)

As food allergens represent an ever-present risk for individuals with allergies, it is crucial for food producers to conduct routine tests for potential...


Press Releases Food Pathogens

Romer Labs Launches AOAC Performance Tested Certified Listeria monocytogenes Test

Romer Labs® is expanding its RapidChek® testing solutions portfolio to include a system that detects Listeria monocytogenes, a serious food-borne pathogen often...