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5 Targets to Test for in Your Production Environment (1)

Testing the production environment helps food producers find and eliminate pathogens before they make their way into the final product.


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[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 002 - Fumonisins in Corn in China

High concentrations of fumonisins in samples of raw corn taken in China are cause for concern. Product Manager Martina Bellasio explains why.


Type Videos Mycotoxins

[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 001 - Chili Powder in Mexico

Product Manager Martina Bellasio introduces the Romer Labs Mycotoxin Minute and discusses ochratoxin and aflatoxin in samples of chili powder taken in Mexico.


Events Food Allergens

Anaphylaxis Campaign Corporate Conference 2018 - London (UK)

Corporate Conference - Food Allergies: Developing a Safer Future

September 18 2018 | London (UK)


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Rapid Methods Europe 2018 - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

12th RME - Rapid Analyis & Diagnostics Conference Europe

November 5-7 2018 | Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Events Mycotoxins Food Pathogens

EuroTier 2018 - Hannover (Germany)

The World's leading Trade Fair for Animal Production

November 13 -16 2018 | Hannover (Germany)


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Analytica Anacon 2018 - India

International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics

September 6-8 2018 | Hyderabad (India)


Articles GMO

[Infographic] The 7 Sins of GMO Testing

With the use of GM crops increasing around the world, the challenges facing the analysis industry are many. Here are 7 common errors when testing GMOs in your...


Articles Food Allergens

6 Common Myths about Food Allergen Testing

Ask anyone with a food allergy and they will tell you the same thing: there’s not much that’s simple about a quick trip to the grocery store. They have to check...


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Spot On: The Tools You Need to Manage Mycotoxins

Can you manage what you don't measure? In this issue of Spot On we will help you make some sense of the variety of mycotoxin detection tools so that you can...