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[Video] Food and Feed Safety Starts with "no".

Here at Romer Labs, we know that food and feed safety starts with "no". Watch the video to find out why.


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Think It's Time to Verify Your Hygiene Program?

When’s the last time you verified your hygiene program?


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Rapid Environmental Hygiene Testing Technologies: A Closer Look

You have to meet your rigorous hygiene standards, and they in turn have to be verified. Stefan Widmann explains the most common types of environmental hygiene...


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[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 32: DON in Total Mixed Ration in the US

This week, Josh looks at DON-producing molds that are targeting total mixed ration in the United States.


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[Webinar] World Mycotoxin Report: Impact 2019

Molds that produce mycotoxins in grain and feed had a busy 2018. This year, animals and feed producers will begin to feel their impact. What were the mycotoxin...


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Mycotoxin Management Workshop - Lingham (UK)


Romer Labs is delighted to invite you to our Mycotoxin Management Workshop this coming March. You can expect an exciting program on the latest in integrated...


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[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 31 – AFLA in Poultry Feed in China

Chicks and adult chickens are often subject to different mycotoxin thresholds. Martina runs the numbers for aflatoxin in poultry feed based on samples we've...


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[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 30 – AFLA in Central Europe

Christina is back to talk about some underwhelming results for aflatoxins in Central Europe.


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Mycotoxin Minute 29 - FUM in Feed in South and Central America

Josh compares the 2018 occurrence of fumonisin in feed in South and Central America.