[Webinar] Identify. Control. Eliminate. New Developments in Allergen Management and Cleaning

When switching production from products containing allergens to those that don’t, how do you ensure your products are truly allergen-free? Join us and guests from the Allergen Bureau and Holchem Laboratories for a discussion on allergen management and cleaning.

With allergen avoidance the only treatment available to allergic individuals, it falls upon food producers to set up appropriate allergen management programs in their production facilities. Yet this raises several questions: How can you be sure you’re in compliance with regulations? How do you best assess the risk you’re exposed to? What are proven best practices for cleaning and validation?

In this webinar, we are pleased to welcome Kirsten Grinter from the Allergen Bureau and John Holah from Holchem Laboratories (UK). They will lead the discussion on new updates in allergen management and approaches to cleaning in the production facility.

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