Fast and Reliable Test Kits for GMO Detection

Today, 79% of the world’s soybean production is achieved with genetically modified (GM) soy and 32% in the case of maize. The worldwide cultivation of GM plants increases every year by millions of hectares. With that comes the need for reliable and efficient GMO screening.

Romer Labs offers an extensive portfolio of immunoassays for sensitive, easy and quick GMO detection. With over 60 test kits, it is possible to detect 16 different traits that occur in corn, soybean, canola, cotton, sugarbeet, alfalfa and rice in various combinations.

The solutions provided by Romer Labs for the detection of GMOs include:



Lateral Flow Devices

The AgraStrip® test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of commodities within only 6 minutes (including extraction).

The test kits are available in a qualitative or quantitative format. While qualitative LFDs can be read visually, quantitative tests are used with the AgraVision™ reader, to provide objective results and secure a consistent results documentation. Results are displayed in quantitative ranges (i.e. <0.5% trait, 0.5 – 1.0% trait, 1.0 -5.0% trait, >5% trait).

Efficient high throughput and screening analysis

AgraStrip® Combs have been developed to enable a high throughput and screening analysis.

For high throughput analysis, 8 identical strips are combined to maximize efficiency.
For screening analysis, 3 or 7 different strips are combined on a multi-trait comb with a common extraction procedure. Multi-trait combs are available in quantitative and qualitative formats.

The AgraStrip® Pro GMO test system enables the rapid and simple on-site quantification of GMOs in corn, soy and canola.  

The AgraVision™ Pro reader streamlines the entire assay, reducing steps to a bare minimum while setting new standards in accuracy and usability.  

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A complete overview can be found below. Click on the item numbers for more information.

TraitChek kits are designed to test bulk grain, single seed, and/or leaf tissue. The kits come complete with strips, microtubes, transfer pipettes (for bulk grain kits), weigh papers (for seed/leaf kits), and leaf stirrers (for seed/leaf kits).

Item No. Product Trait LOD
TraitChek TM 
100013111, 100016813  AgraStrip® RUR-HS Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS 0.125 % in corn
0.1 % in canola
0.167 % in alfalfa
100013121, 100016823 AgraStrip® RUR Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS 0.1 % in soy and sugarbeets; 0.143 % in soy
100013131 AgraStrip® RUR Seed and Leaf CP4 EPSPS qualitative
100013141 AgraStrip® Cry1F/Cry34Ab Bulk Grain Bt-Cry1F, Bt-Cry34Ab 0.5 % in corn
100013151 AgraStrip® CspB Bulk Seed CspB 0.9 % in corn
100013161 AgraStrip® CspB Seed and Leaf CspB qualitative
100013171 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Bulk Grain Bt-Cry1Ab 0.9 % in corn
100013181 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry1Ab qualitative
100013191 AgraStrip® Cry1F Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry1F qualitative
100013221 AgraStrip® Cry3Bb Bulk Grain Bt-Cry3Bb 0.125 % in corn
100013231 AgraStrip® Cry3Bb Seed and Leaf Bt-Cry3Bb qualitative
100013241, 100016843 AgraStrip® LL Bulk Grain PAT 0.9 % in corn and sugarbeet, 2 % in canola, 0.5 % in soy
100013251 AgraStrip® Cry1Ab/LL Bulk Grain Combo Bt-Cry1Ab, PAT 0.9 % in corn
100013261 AgraStrip® LL Seed and Leaf PAT qualitative
100013271 AgraStrip LL Bulk Grain for Rice PAT 0.05 % in LLRice62, 2 % in LLRice61
100013291 AgraStrip® Cry1F Bulk Grain (water extract) Bt-Cry1F 0.9 % in corn
100013301 AgraStrip® Triple Trait Seed and Leaf CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb qualitative
100013311 AgraStrip® Cry34Ab1 Bulk Grain Bt-Cry34Ab1 0.125 % in corn
100013321 AgraStrip® PMI Seed and Leaf  PMI qualitative
100013331 AgraStrip® PMI Bulk Grain PMI 0.5 % in corn
100013341 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Seed and Leaf Cry1Ac qualitative
100013351 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Bulk Grain Cry1Ac 0.9 % in cotton
100013361 AgraStrip® DMO Bulk Grain DMO 0.1 % in soy and cotton
100013371 AgraStrip® DMO Seed and Leaf DMO qualitative
100013381 AgraStrip® Cry2Ab Bulk Grain Bt-Cry2Ab 0.9 % in corn, 0.13 % in cotton
100013391 AgraStrip® EPSPS Bulk Grain mEPSPS 0.9 % in corn
100013401 AgraStrip® EPSPS Bulk Grain Seed and Leaf mEPSPS qualitative
100013411 AgraStrip® VIP Seed and Leaf VIP3A qualitative
100013421 AgraStrip® VIP Bulk Grain VIP3A 0.33 % in corn
100013431 AgraStrip® Cry2Ab, Seed and Leaf Trait Check Bt-Cry2Ab qualitative
100013441 AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab Bulk Grain eCry3.1Ab 0.25 % in corn
100013451 AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab Seed and Leaf eCry3.1Ab qualitative
100013461 AgraStrip® Cry1Ac-S Bulk Grain Cry1Ac

depends on method

100014621 AgraStrip® RUR Toasted Meal CP4 EPSPS 0.9% in toasted soy
100014871 AgraStrip® Triple Trait Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS,
Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105),
0.1 % in corn
0.5 % in corn
0.5 % in corn
100014902 AgraStrip® Corn Comb w/VIP3A CP4 EPSPS, PAT, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), Bt-Cry3Bb, Bt-Cry1F, Bt-Cry34Ab1, VIP3A depends on the trait
100014912 AgraStrip® Quantitative Low-LOD Corn Comb CP4 EPSPS, Cry1A.105, Cry3Bb, Cry1F, PAT, Cry34Ab1, VIP3A depends on the trait
100014922 AgraStrip® Quantitative Corn Comb Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS, Cry3Bb, Cry1A.105, Cry1F, Cry34Ab1, PAT, and/or VIP3A depends on the trait
100014932 AgraStrip® Quantitative Soy Comb CP4 EPSPS, PAT depends on the trait
100061212 AgraStrip® Cottonseed Screening Comb Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), PAT depends on the trait
100061222 AgraStrip® Corn Sreening Comb Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1A (Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1A.105), PAT, PMI depends on the trait


AgraStrip® Pro RUR Bulk Grain CP4 EPSPS

0.1 %*



AgraStrip® Pro LL Bulk Grain Strip PAT

0.25 % in soy (LL27)
0.05 % in soy (LL55)
0.05 % in corn and canola

1Number of Tests: 100
2Number of Tests: 20
3Number of Tests: 50

*High-sensitive method available with a LOD of 0.05%





AgraQuant® GMO test kits are accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) available in qualitative and quantitative formats. Together with a StatFax® or BioTek® ELISA reader, results can be directly interpreted and continuously documented.

AgraQuant® GMO kits are double antibody sandwich ELISAs and use specific antibody coated microwells and an enzyme-labeled analyte conjugate. 

GMOChek™ kits are for quantitative bulk grain testing. The kits come complete with 1 breakaway plate (12 strips of wells) and transfer pipettes.

A complete overview can be found below. Click on the item numbers for more information.

Item No. Product Trait Range
100014531 AgraQuant® Soya Toasted Meal GMOChek™ CP4 EPSPS 0.3 – 2.5 %
100014541 AgraQuant® RUR Soya Grain GMOChek™ CP4 EPSPS 0.3 – 2.5 %
100014591 AgraQuant® Cry1Ab Maize GMOChek™ Bt-Cry1Ab 0.15 – 2.0 %
Item No. Product Trait Range
10001455 RUR Soya Standards - Full Fat Flour (for flour, meal and grit)    
10001456 RUR Soya Standards - Defatted Flour    
10001457 RUR Soya Standards - Protein Isolate    

1Number of Tests: 96
2Number of Tests: 960
3includes 10 Plates and 96 Wells

Item No. Product Description
Readers for Result Quantification
10002756 StatFax® 4700 ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.) to be used for GMOChek only
10002730 ELx800 UV Reader (BioTek Instruments Inc.) to be used for GMOChek and SeedChek ELISA products
10002699 ChroMate® 4300 ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.) to be used for GMOChek and SeedChek ELISA products


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