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BIOMIN World Mycotoxin Survey 2018

The latest edition of the annual survey, covering 18,424 agricultural commodity samples from 79 countries with over 81,900 analyses, highlights the main dangers...


[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 43 - OTA in East Asia

Ochratoxin is regulated for a variety of foodstuffs and beverages, not just for grains and raw materials. Martina discusses its recent occurrence - or lack...


[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 42 - DON in Wheat in Central Europe

Deoxynivalenol is one of the world's best characterized mycotoxins - and now we're finding it in Central Europe in samples of wheat.


Mycotoxin Risk Assessment: Telling the Full Story

The research is clear: producers of food and feed need to take the synergistic effects of mycotoxin co-occurrence into account.

Yet how do we get a sample to...


[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 41 - OTA in Wheat in Austria

Did you know that several different fungi can produce ochratoxin? Josh has a look at what it's been up to lately in samples of wheat in Austria.


Spot On: That Little Sample Has a Big Story to Tell

How do you get a sample of grain or feed to spill all its secrets?


[Webinar Recording] Allergen Free? The Insider's Guide to Allergen Management in the Production Facility

Food allergies are a growing global health concern. Their prevalence has been increasing in recent decades worldwide. For example, in Australia, prevalence...


[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 40 - ZON in Concentrated Feed in Turkey

You don't have to be as adorable as a puppy to deserve a meal free of mycotoxins. Christina investigates zearalenone levels in concentrated feed in Turkey.


[Video] Mycotoxin Minute 39 - AFLA in Feed in India

For the first time, the Mycotoxin Minute visits India, where aflatoxins have been affecting samples of feed.