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RapidChek®Listeria Environmental System

Pathogens | SH-Listeria Environmental System
Grouped product items
Article numberApprovalsFormatNumber of testsDetails Availability
10001364 (7000174)AOACstrips90
standard kit - 90 strips, pipettes, tubes, 500 g base media, 10 g supplement
Limited availability
10001370 (7000180)AOACstrips990
990 strips, 5.3 Kg base media, and 100 g supplement
Limited availability
10001697 (7000174P)AOACstrips45
45 strips, pipettes, tubes, 3 x 63.6 g base media, 3 x 1.2 g supplement
Limited availability
10001704 (7000180E)AOACstrips1665
1,665 strips, 5.3 Kg base media, 100 g supplement
Limited availability


The RapidChek®Listeria test system offers a single-step enrichment media to enable fast, accurate and simple Listeria detection within 40 hours. The simple preparation of enrichment media without autoclaving offers fast and flexible test planning. Time to result: 40 - 48 hours (depending on the analyzed sample). The supplement is stored at 2C-8C.


PLM Item NameRapidChek® Listeria Environmental System
Storage temperature15°C - 25°C

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • strips
  • pipettes
  • tubes
  • base media
  • supplement

Materials required but not supplied

  • sample bags
  • balance
  • incubator
  • heat block


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