Fast & Reliable Campylobacter Test Kits

With increased testing and regulatory focus on Campylobacter, the poultry industry needs a simple, cost-effective alternative for testing that allows for high throughput.

RapidChek® Campylobacter utilizes a streamlined aerobic enrichment and sensitive antibody-based lateral flow device that delivers enhanced accuracy to competitive methods with significantly less effort. The test kits may be used to detect C. jejuni, C. coli, and C. lari in poultry carcass rinses.

Fast and simple procedure

An all-in-one enrichment media (with no additional supplements needed) allows for quick and easy sample preparation. An aerobic incubation step simplifies the enrichment procedure. Test results are obtained within 47 hours. They can be read easily and directly from the developed strip, without the need for specialized and costly equipment.

Reliable results

The RapidChek® Campylobacter product line was developed in collaboration with a large poultry processor using plant carcass rinses.  The method uses novel proprietary media, enhancing both the specificity and the sensitivity of the overall method. Third party certifications are underway and will confirm the high standards of analytical accuracy and result reliability.

Easy resource management

The simple-to-use lateral flow technology offers high throughput scalability. From one to hundreds of samples at once, strips can be read between 20 and 30 minutes after strip development. Kits can be stored at room temperature and have a long shelf life.




The RapidChek® Campylobacter™ test system utilizes a state of the art sensitive lateral flow device and proprietary aerobic enrichment media that needs no additional supplements.

Time to result: 47 - 49 hours 

Certification and approvals are currently underway.

Validated matrices include:

Poultry carcass rinses, raw ground chicken and turkey carcass swabs.

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Item No. Product Quantity
RapidChek® Campylobacter
10005433 RapidChek® Campylobacter Test Kit (includes tubes and pipettes) 50 Tests
10006045 RapidChek® Campylobacter Test Strips (10-pack; does not include tubes and pipettes) 500 Tests
10006041 RapidChek® Campylobacter Test Combs (includes cluster tubes and rack; media not included) 384 Tests
10006044 RapidChek® Campylobacter Sample Pack (includes strips, tubes, pipettes and media) 5 Tests
RapidChek® Campylobacter Media 500 g
5 kg

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