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Milk Testing Solutions 
for Lab and On-Site Detection

Rich in proteins, fats, and vitamins, milk serves as a vital source of nutrition for young mammals and is a widely consumed food product in human diets. However, milk is also one of the most common food allergens, causing potentially life-threatening reactions in sensitive individuals. 

Milk allergy and lactose intolerance are two separate conditions, with the former being an allergic reaction and the latter being a non-allergic food sensitivity resulting from an inadequate amount of lactase enzyme.

Milk and milk-derived products can contaminate other food items during production, making it essential to monitor both the manufacturing environment and food products for traces of milk. The food industry must employ highly sensitive testing equipment to ensure compliance with stringent food safety regulations.

Mandatory labeling of milk allergens in food products

Milk and milk-derived products are among the most frequent causes of food allergies, with milk allergy affecting approximately 2-3% of young children in the United States and up to 4.9% of children in Europe. While many children with milk allergy outgrow the condition by adulthood, some may continue to be allergic throughout their lives.

To safeguard consumers from the potentially severe consequences of milk consumption, allergen labeling is mandated by law in numerous countries. Milk, along with other major allergens, is regulated in the EU (Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) and the US (U.S. FDA – FALCPA 2004). Furthermore, the presence of milk proteins in foodstuffs must be clearly labeled by law in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Rapid and highly sensitive milk analysis

At Romer Labs, we provide an extensive array of allergen detection solutions, including test kits, reference materials, and analytical services. Our milk test kit portfolio includes quantitative ELISA tests and qualitative lateral flow devices (LFDs) specifically designed for the detection of milk proteins in environmental samples, rinse waters, and liquid and solid foodstuffs.

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Fast and Reliable Test Kits for Milk Detection

Food allergens present a persistent challenge for individuals with allergies, making it crucial for food producers to accurately detect potential allergen contamination. Employing reliable test kits ensures the safety of consumers and compliance with regulatory standards.

Romer Labs provides a comprehensive portfolio of milk test kits designed for both qualitative (AgraStrip®) and quantitative (AgraQuant®) analyses of food allergens. These versatile tests cater to various applications, covering all phases of the food production process:

  • Testing of raw materials and finished food samples
  • Analysis of rinse waters (integral to cleaning validation)
  • Detection of allergens in environmental swab samples

Our milk test kits are designed for seamless integration into routine analyses as part of an allergen management plan, aligning with HACCP principles. The user-friendly test format ensures a streamlined workflow for both on-site and laboratory settings.

Legislative Compliance

In light of global regulations concerning food allergens (e.g., Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011; U.S. FDA – FALCPA 2004), it is imperative to properly label food products. Romer Labs' test kits support producers in fulfilling legal requirements, guaranteeing the safety and compliance of their products.

Safeguard Your Business and Brand

The quality of a test kit is intrinsically linked to food safety. At Romer Labs, we utilize an extensive range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards. Our highly sensitive tests are capable of detecting allergens in concentrations as low as ppm or even ppb levels. Prompt identification of allergen contamination can mitigate the risk of expensive allergen-related recalls, which can lead to substantial financial losses and reputational damage.

LFD - AgraStrip® Pro Allergen Test Kits

AgraStrip® Pro Allergen Test Kits represent a user-friendly, rapid solution for on-site allergen detection. These state-of-the-art lateral flow devices (LFD) deliver accurate results in just 11 minutes, including extraction time, making them an ideal choice for fast-paced environments.

Our AgraStrip® LFDs employ a cutting-edge qualitative strip test method that harnesses the power of specific antibodies, labeled with colloidal gold, to generate a visually discernible color development in both test and control zones. This innovative approach enables rapid analysis of a broad spectrum of food and environmental samples, ensuring the utmost safety and quality for your consumers.

The test kits come complete with strips, antibody-coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer, surface swabs and additional accessories.

ELISA - AgraQuant® Allergen Test Kits

AgraQuant® Allergen test kits deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability in allergen detection with our state-of-the-art enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Designed for seamless integration with ELISA readers, such as the StatFax® or the BioTek® reader, our test kits ensure precise and dependable results.

Experience the convenience of parallel measurement with AgraQuant® test kits, capable of analyzing up to 38 samples in as little as 60 minutes. Save time and resources without compromising on quality.

Our AgraQuant® Allergen test kits feature sandwich ELISAs in a user-friendly, ready-to-use format, minimizing handling errors and streamlining your testing process. Each kit includes a set of 5 standards, an antibody-coated plate, a conjugate, a substrate and a stop solution.

Food Allergen Reference Materials

Food producers and analytical laboratories require reliable and effective methods of analysis. However, the lack of certified reference materials for food allergens has long been a significant challenge.

A significant step towards solving this problem has been made with the development of LGC Allergen Reference Materials by the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC in the UK, in collaboration with the University of Manchester and Romer Labs.

The LGC Allergen Reference Materials, offered by Romer Labs in cooperation with LGC, consist of five individual allergenic materials (almond, egg, hazelnut, milk, and walnut) as well as the first-ever multi-allergen reference material: a chocolate dessert matrix that includes all five allergens. Each reference material comes with a certificate stating its uncertainty and metrological traceability to the International System of Units (SI).

These reference materials have various uses. They can be used to develop and validate methods for testing individual allergenic foods, serve as external check calibrators, and estimate the recovery of allergens in matrices for which no specific reference materials exist, through spiking or the preparation of incurred material.

Overall, the LGC Allergen Reference Materials offer a reliable and effective solution to the challenge of allergen testing and provide a valuable resource for food producers and analytical laboratories.

Fully Accredited Food Allergen Testing Laboratories

Complementing our range of innovative diagnostic solutions, Romer Labs provides comprehensive analytical services tailored to meet customers' needs for allergen testing. By offering high levels of specialization and expertise, our analytical services are a key part of our exceptional customer service.

Romer Labs operates six fully accredited food allergen testing laboratories on three continents - Europe, America, and Asia. Together, these global facilities cover diagnostic tests for all food allergens, offering one of the most complete ranges of services for allergen testing.

Food allergen testing services are offered in Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and China for all relevant food allergens in raw materials, finished food samples, rinse waters, and environmental swabs. The services are applicable for all steps in the food production process.

Both the ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation guarantee reliable and accurate results.

Whether you require accredited laboratory results, additional testing capacities for projects or peak testing times, or prefer to avoid setting up your own testing, Romer Labs is your trusted partner for all allergen testing service needs.

For detailed information on the services available at each location, please consult the Analytical Services page.