Food Allergen Testing

Food allergens are mainly proteins that the immune system of allergic individuals mistakenly believes are harmful. Food allergies are typically IgE-mediated, which means that the body produces large amounts of antibodies that specifically target the proteins of certain food products. When these antibodies bind to an allergen, they trigger an allergic reaction, which may range from mild symptoms to a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Sometimes also non-IgE-mediated immune reactions with a delayed onset after ingestion are possible. 

As food allergens represent an ever-present risk for individuals with allergies, it is critical for food producers to conduct routine tests for potential allergen contaminations in their products.

Woman in a supermarket checking for potential allergens

Romer Labs offers the most complete portfolio of allergen test kits for the qualitative AgraStrip® and quantitative AgraQuant® analysis of food allergens.

These tests can be used for different applications, and cover all steps in the food production process. The simple test format makes it easy for a smooth workflow to be maintained on-site as well as in the lab.

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Romer Labs operates 4 fully accredited food allergen testing laboratories in Austria, China, the UK and the US. Testing services are offered for a variety of different food allergens in finished food products, rinse waters and environmental swab samples.

Both the ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation guarantee reliable and accurate results. Our lab in China is CMA-certified. 

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Food Allergen Reference Materials

Romer Labs offers the LGC Allergen Reference Materials. High quality reference materials developed by the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC in the UK. They include reference materials for Almond, Egg, Hazelnut, Milk and Walnut.

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