Fumonisin Testing Solutions for Lab and On-Site Fumonisin Detection

Fumonisins (FUM) are potent fungal toxins formed after crops are exposed to drought stress followed by warm, wet weather conditions.

These toxins are known to promote tumors and cause liver diseases in both humans and animals. The primary groups of fumonisins – FB1, FB2, and FB3 – are commonly found in corn, rice, sorghum, and barley. To prevent contamination, it is recommended to harvest grain without kernel damage and store them under moisture levels below 14%.

To protect consumers from the harmful effects of fumonisin intake, most countries have established regulations with maximum levels set for many agricultural commodities such as grains, grain by-products, and feeds.

Romer Labs is a leader in the field, with over 40 years of experience, offering an extensive portfolio of comprehensive fumonisin testing solutions. Explore a complete overview of our offerings below.

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Fast and Reliable Fumonisin Test Kits

Increased concerns about food and feed safety have brought fumonisins into the spotlight, highlighting the need for reliable and efficient screening methods. With over 40 years of experience in this field, Romer Labs offers a comprehensive portfolio of test kits for detecting fumonisins in agricultural commodities like raw grains and nuts, grain by-products, and feed formulations.

These quick and user-friendly test kits are available in quantitative formats, suitable for on-site or laboratory use.

Extensive technical service and support

Romer Labs fumonisin test kits have been validated for an extensive range of agricultural raw materials, by-products, and feed formulations. To support individual commodities and feed formulations, our technical service departments worldwide provide comprehensive assistance.

Lateral Flow Devices - AgraStrip® Test Kits

AgraStrip® test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) designed for quick and easy on-site testing. With assay times as short as 3 minutes, all test kits provide quantitative results and work seamlessly with our AgraVision™ Pro reader to secure consistent documentation. Aflatoxin test kits are further available in a qualitative format and can be visually interpreted.

Featured Product: AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® Test Kits - Revolutionizing Mycotoxin Testing

The AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® test system is your go-to solution for fast and simple on-site quantification of mycotoxins in various agricultural commodities. The streamlined extraction and assay process reduces steps to a minimum, setting new benchmarks in accuracy and usability. Our innovative water-based extraction method eliminates hazards for users and the environment alike.

ELISA - AgraQuant® Test Kits

AgraQuant® test kits are accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Together with a StatFax® or BioTek® ELISA reader, results can be directly interpreted and continuously documented. These ELISA test kits are the ideal solution for a parallel measurement of multiple samples with incubation times of as low as 15 minutes for up to 42 samples. Test kits are in a ready-to-use format to reduce handling errors and come with a set of 5 standards, an antibody coated plate, a dilution plate, a conjugate, a substrate and a stop solution.

Efficient process for multi-mycotoxin testing

With AgraQuant® ELISA test kits, up to 6 mycotoxins can be analyzed from 1 extraction, substantially shortening overall time-to-result.

Fumonisin Reference Materials for Accurate and Reliable Analysis Results

The Biopure™ product line provides fumonisine reference materials in both crystalline and liquid forms. These calibrants are thoroughly characterized by reliable independent methods, such as HPLC, NMR, and LC-MS/MS, ensuring their identity and purity.

In compliance with ISO Guide 31, each fumonisin reference material includes a certificate that indicates the uncertainty of the target analyte and documents the traceability of the certified value. Customized calibrants can also be offered upon request.

Take a comprehensive look at our offerings by exploring the complete overview provided below.

Biopure™ 13C Isotope-Labelled Internal Standards

Biopure™ 13C-labeled mycotoxins are used as internal standards in analytical methods such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) for the accurate quantification of mycotoxins in various samples. The 13C label provides a unique mass signature that allows the labeled compound to be distinguished from the naturally occurring, unlabeled mycotoxin during analysis.

By using Biopure™ 13C-labeled mycotoxin reference materials, analysts can correct for matrix effects and sample preparation recovery losses, improving the accuracy and reliability of their results.

Biopure™ ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials

The Biopure™ ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials are top-quality calibrants that meet the stringent criteria required by ISO 17025-accredited laboratories. Manufactured under ISO 17034 accreditation, these reference materials are characterized by their metrological traceability, homogeneity data, long- and short-term stability data, and a certified value with uncertainty.

Compliant with all pertinent ISO 17025 standards, Biopure™ ISO 17034-certified reference materials are accompanied by a certificate of analysis (CoA) in line with the ISO 17034 standard.

Biopure™ Calibrants

Biopure™ mycotoxin calibrants are high-quality, well-characterized reference materials utilized for the accurate and reliable quantification of mycotoxins in various samples. These reference materials are designed to support analytical methods, ensuring the validity and consistency of results in mycotoxin testing.

Characterized by independent methods, Biopure™ calibrants come with a certificate of analysis created in accordance with ISO Guide 31 and Eurachem guidelines.

Biopure™ calibrants are available in liquid “ready-to-use” and crystalline forms, and as single calibrants as well as calibrant mixtures. Customized calibrants are available upon request.

Quality control materials (QCM)

Romer Labs Quality Control Materials (QCM) consist of naturally contaminated materials with a variety of matrices and contamination levels. These materials undergo rigorous in-house characterization using an ISO 17025 accredited LC-MS/MS method, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

QCMs are available for regulated mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, fumonisin, and zearalenone, as well as multitoxin materials. Certificates of analysis are provided for each batch, enabling users to confidently employ Romer Labs QCMs for method validation, periodic accuracy checks of accredited analytical methods, and as positive control materials in various assays.


Fumonisin Cleanup Columns

Romer Labs offers a wide variety of cleanup columns for fumonisins. These range from simple one-step cleanup with MycoSep® and MultiSep® technology to immunoaffinity cleanup. These cleanup columns, some of which part of AOAC and CEN methods, ensure a fast and reliable purification of your samples.

StarLine™ Immunoaffinity Columns

StarLine™ immunoaffinity columns (IACs) for regulated mycotoxins are based on a specific antibody-analyte binding technology, where toxin-specific antibodies coupled to gel particles capture the mycotoxins in the sample and release them after a washing step.

These immunoaffinity columns are ideal for the purification and concentration of mycotoxins prior to analysis by various techniques such as HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, ELISA, or direct fluorometry.

All Romer Labs IACs employ highly specific, monoclonal antibodies, offering a high purification potential. MultiStar™ immunoaffinity columns, specifically, combine the high purification potential of an immunoaffinity column with the convenience and power of multi-mycotoxin analysis. This allows for all regulated mycotoxins to be determined simultaneously in a single run, simplifying the detection of several mycotoxins at once in a broad range of different commodities.

Overall, StarLine™ immunoaffinity columns offer a reliable solution for mycotoxin cleanup and analysis, allowing for accurate and efficient results across a variety of commodities.

MycoSpin® Cleanup Column

The MycoSpin® 400 is a two-step cleanup column in a spin format designed to be used for most regulated mycotoxins, making the cleanup process faster and more efficient. With MycoSpin® 400, it's possible to analyze multiple mycotoxins simultaneously using LC-MS/MS.

For highly accurate LC-MS/MS results, MycoSpin® 400 cleanup can be combined with Biopure™ 13C isotope labeled standards. This combination enhances the sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis and delivers even more reliable results.

Overall, Romer Labs' MycoSpin® 400 offers a convenient and reliable solution for multi-mycotoxin cleanup, allowing you to obtain highly accurate results with minimal effort.

MultiSep® Cleanup Columns

MultiSep® columns are one-step cleanup columns containing packing materials made of adsorbent mixes that are specially designed for all types of food and feed commodities. With MultiSep®, you can achieve fast cleanup in just 30 seconds.

To use MultiSep® columns, simply apply your extract on top of the column and let it pass through via gravity, vacuum, or positive pressure. As the extract passes through, the packing material will adhere to any interferences while allowing the purified extract containing all the mycotoxins to pass through unimpeded.

Overall, MultiSep® columns offers a convenient and efficient solution for food and feed testing, allowing you to quickly and easily obtain high-quality extracts for analysis.

MycoSep® Cleanup Columns

MycoSep® columns are one-step cleanup columns that contain packing materials made of adsorbent mixes designed specifically for food and feed commodities. With MycoSep®, you can achieve fast cleanup in just 30 seconds for all EU-regulated mycotoxins.

To use MycoSep®, simply push the column into a test tube containing the sample extract, which will filter upwards. As the extract passes through the column, interferences will adhere to the chemical packing material, while the purified extract containing all the mycotoxins can be collected from the top of the cleanup column.

Overall, MycoSep® offers a simple and efficient solution for mycotoxin cleanup, making it easy to obtain high-quality extracts for analysis.

cleanup columns

Fully Accredited Mycotoxin Testing Laboratories

Complementing our range of innovative diagnostic solutions, Romer Labs provides comprehensive analytical services tailored to meet customers' needs for fumonisin testing. By offering high levels of specialization and expertise, our analytical services are a key part of our exceptional customer service.

To support these services, our fully accredited laboratories in AustriaSingapore, the United States, and China (CMA-certified) are equipped with cutting-edge technology for chromatography and immunological analysis.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation, ensuring reliable and accurate results. We participate in official proficiency testing programs regularly to maintain our high standards of accuracy and reliability. 

Whether you require accredited laboratory results, additional testing capacities for projects or peak testing times, or prefer to avoid setting up your own testing, Romer Labs is your trusted partner for specific analytical service needs.

For detailed information on the services available at each location, please consult the Analytical Services page.